1. What’s Hash? *

Hash is the catchall term for any concentrate or extract removed from the cannabis plant. These concentrates have been made for centuries using basic techniques of agitation to remove and collect the resinous trichomes covering female cannabis plants. The finest hash today is made using nothing more than ice, water, and agitation.

What’s Ice Water Hash?
Ice Water Hash is an updated take on “bubble-hash,” using cannabis frozen during harvest. The final product consists of whole and intact cannabis trichomes. These trichomes contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, true to each genetic variety. Our ice water hash is made from cannabis frozen moments after harvest to provide the exact profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes as intended by nature. *

6-Star Ice water hash is the pinnacle achievement of cannabis extractions. No other method can remove trichome glands, while preserving their structural integrity.

2. Who is Papa’s Select?

Papa’s Select is an exclusive small team of Emerald Cup winning, Humboldt County hash-makers delivering the finest solventless hash and rosin on Earth. Papa’s Select’s award-winning team is composed of lifelong cannabis growers, hash-makers, industry advocates, and professionals pursuing the next amazing terps!

The sourcing team works with generational farmers across Humboldt, Mendocino, Trinity and surrounding counties to deliver world-class solventless hash. We pride ourselves on delivering pristine products that define quality from the legendary Emerald Triangle.

3. What’s Papa’s Select?

Papa’s Select is devoted to making the finest quality hash and rosin, while remaining a cannabis company at our core. Papa & Barkley is our industry leading health and wellness brand, infusing a line-up of Cannabis Cup winning products, using organic, sun-grown cannabis. Papa’s Select furthers the solventless tradition, crafting a new definition of quality hash, made entirely by hand. No chemicals, no additives, no adulterants. Just pure cannabis trichomes.

We support legacy and traditional Humboldt County farmers. Genetic Diversity and sustainable farming practices are some of what our sourcing team evaluates. Strenuous testing and continuous R&D is required to find rare and unique phenotypes that will produce full-melt ice  water hash. Our farms highlight the Emerald Triangle’s best batches of organic, sun-grown, cannabis from living soil beds. The climate provides the optimal environment for Legacy genetics that have become staples in the cannabis world. We find rare cuts of exotic cultivars, choosing only the most memorable flavors of rare quality cannabis.

4. What are Cannabis Trichomes?

Trichome glands cover the surface of female cannabis plants and contain the psychoactive and therapeutic properties we’re after. The plant’s THC-a is contained within these trichome glands, along with 200 other cannabinoids and a full spectrum of terpenes. The plant, the flowers, buds, pistils, leaves, sticks and stems are left behind and only the glistening clear, milky, and amber trichomes are collected into Ice Water Hash.

5. What Type of Concentrates Does Papa’s Select Make?

All Papa’s Select’s concentrates are solventless and begin as pure cannabis trichomes, or Ice Water Hash. Once the ice water filtration is complete, pneumatic pressure at low-temperatures curates our Fresh Press Live Rosin, Live Rosin Badder (aka cold-cured badder), and our Live Rosin Sauce.

If the water hash is considered “full-melt,” it’s packaged and sold as is. Hash that doesn’t meet strict standards as full melt, undergoes additional methods of filtration, utilizing heat and pressure to manipulate the consistencies and achieve a variety of rosin textures. Each product has its own unique advantages and can highlight different aspects of genetic traits.

What’s Rosin?Generally stated, Rosin is a cannabis concentrate using forced pressure to smash or squeeze oils either from cannabis flowers (flower rosin) or from ice water hash (live rosin). All of Select’s Live Rosins begin with our ice water hash, before undergoing hand-made solventless processes.

Live Rosin
Our Fresh Press Rosin uses pressure and minimal heat to produce golden rosin in semi-clear, translucent streams. After completing the initial water hash separation, the hash is placed in small mesh bags. These bags of water hash are pressed between heated metal plates. The pressure causes the trichome glands to rupture, spilling their contents for our collection. The mesh bag works as a final filtration, retaining the thin outer membranes of each trichome and any remaining materials. The product is packaged and sold as fresh-press rosin.

Rosin Badder
We can elect to whip the freshly pressed rosin into a smooth and more malleable texture. This includes a cold-cure process that allows the freshly pressed rosin to rest and homogenize. Sometimes our rosin badder packs a terpy punch beyond what the fresh press offers, while delivering greater stability with less of a need for cold storage, after opening.

Rosin Sauce
Our fresh pressed rosin is again used for our diamond separation into a solventless Rosin Sauce. Using heat and pressure causes the terpenes to separate from THC-A cannabinoids, to create a stable consistency that does not require cold-storage. The consistency of our Rosin Sauce often mimics a wet-sugary texture.

6. What are the Numbered Micron Sizes on the Ice Water Hash?

Our Emerald Cup Award Winning Ice Water Hash is sold in different micron sizes for the varying dynamics and ratios of terpene and cannabinoid production. Different profiles interact to create the Entourage Effects.  The trichome glands at various sizes indicate the maturity of the cells contained within. Our micron specific hash highlights the different stages of development within the heightened period of terpene and cannabinoid production. We notice slight variations in different ranges of trichome sizes, allowing a heightened awareness of each cultivar’s dynamic qualities.

The 75u to 120u is considered the ideal size of trichome glands, however each cultivar reaches full maturity at different stages and in different sizes of trichome glands. Offering our ice water hash in specific micron ranges, helps to uncover the most dynamic properties of each cultivar.

7. What’s the Difference with Select’s Premium Rosin Products?

Papa’s Select differentiates its Premium Rosin product using only the prime trichomes at the peak of ripeness. All products labeled Premium contain cannabis trichomes exclusively from the 90u and 120u micron range, however not every batch from these sizes earns the Premium mark. The ice water hash used for Premium Rosins will always be Full-Melt, 6-Star quality.

There are five or six common sizes of mesh filter bags, beginning with the 50 micron and decreasing in size until the 150-micron range. While each cultivar differs, the premier range of trichomes is netted in the 90u-120u micron screens. All aspects are taken into consideration and only the finest batches from the freshest trichomes make the cut as Premium products.

*Micron is a unit of measurement referring to holes per square inch. Therefore, 50-micron mesh has 50 holes per square inch, while the 120u, has 120 holes per square inch. Lower numbers, bigger holes and bigger trichome heads.

8. What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the most effective and fastest way to consume concentrated cannabis, like @papas_select’s full-melt hash or rosin. A quartz “banger” (the new “bowl-piece”) is heated with a butane torch and a small “dab” of hash or rosin is placed inside. A glass cap goes on top and the hash is vaporized, while inhaling through a connected glass pipe. It requires a high degree of skill, but luckily a long line-up of electric dabbing devices have hit the market. We recommend dabbing hash below 500 degrees F and our rosin under 550 degrees F.

Using an E-rig on the lowest heat settings is easy and appropriate to experience the euphoric delight of pure trichomes. With a full and anatomically correct profile of terpenes, the experience can only be compared to whole flower ingestion. Minus the plant material.

9. How Do I Store Solventless Hash Products?

Our Living Extracts should be handled with care and kept cold to preserve the high-terpene content. Treat them as you would other perishables intended for consumption. What’s in your jar was frozen on the plant at peak ripeness and removed to preserve the full and natural spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Ice Water Hash/Fresh Press RosinOur ice water hash and live rosin require constant cold storage. Ice Water Hash is best kept frozen, while rosin can be refrigerated. You want your hash or rosin to thaw before dabbing, but make sure it goes back in the fridge or freezer after each use.

Rosin Badder/Rosin Sauce
Our Rosin Badder and Rosin Sauce do not require the same degree of attention and can be left in a cool dry place, without the need for refrigeration. While cold storage never hurts and is recommended when possible, our rosin badder and rosin sauce are shelf stable. These variations of ice water filtrations are perfect to take with you wherever you go, as they remain stable in texture and appearance.

Long-Term Storage
Long-term storage over a month should be kept frozen. Freezing is best for all of our living extracts, preferably sealed in an airtight container or vacuum-sealed bag. Products can last years if frozen and stored under properly.

10. How Do I Consume Hash and Rosin?

Regardless of which consistency, we recommend allowing ample time for extracts to warm-up or thaw-out prior to consuming. Trying to dab hash or rosin too cold, can cause it to sizzle and not vaporize effectively. A good rule of thumb is to remove your hash or rosin from cold-storage at least fifteen to twenty minutes before dabbing or opening the jar. Opening cold jars causes condensation to form and can damage the hash.

Water Hash
While all our variations of rosin can be dabbed as normal, ice-water hash requires significantly reduced dab temperatures. Ice water hash should be dabbed on quartz that is 500 degrees or less. Most concentrates can effectively handle temperatures close to 600 degrees, but this will burn water hash. A full article and explanation of dabbing temperatures and the methods to measure can be found here.

Our rosin, rosin badder, and rosin sauce will dab more like your traditional extracts. We recommend dabbing these three consistencies around 550 degrees Fahrenheit. For E-rig devices we recommend the lowest possible temperature settings.