We use gentle agitation in ice and water to separate (sieve) trichomes from the plant material, before straining the trichomes from the water. Using a series of mesh screens measured by microns allows us to separate and isolate trichomes by size. It’s a fairly simple process of separation, adding a modern influence to the time honored traditions of hashish refinement.

The 90- and 120-micron mesh screens filter the premier ranges of trichomes and are used exclusively in our Premium products. For our full-spectrum rosin, the trichomes range from the 45u to the 150u screens. Once separated, the hash is scooped from the mesh filters and placed on trays to dry. It is then sieved into a white sand-like texture and sold as Ice Water Hash. This process preserves the anatomical integrity of each trichome gland, which contains the full spectrum of psychoactive and therapeutic properties in cannabis. The trichomes covering cannabis plants are frozen from the moment of harvest and will remain so, until they reach you in your jar.