Asking our valued and esteemed craft-cannabis consumers to invest in the highest quality concentrates, means our attention to detail is unrelenting. Handling the rarest sun-grown cannabis trichomes requires a rigorous process of quality assurance, extending from well before harvest, all the way through production and transport, until it arrives at its final destination. There’s nothing fast or easy about the process we undertake to ensure that the same level of unmatched quality cannabis we begin with, reaches your rig.

Extensive measures are taken to manually clean, disinfect, dry and inspect every single glass jar prior to it entering the lab. Our expert hash artists do everything by hand, meticulously placing every product into every jar. Each gram is then visually inspected under magnified, lab-lighting to maintain the precision and quality Papa’s Select represents. After a thorough process of checks and balances, the hash is frozen at negative ten degrees Fahrenheit, where it remains until delivery. Some may call our efforts crazy, but so is the quality of our hash.