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Rainbow Rubble Gummies
Strain specific, live ice water hash vegan gummies
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Rainbow Rubble is made with Papa's Select's premium Fruity Pebbles OG hash, grown by Dewpoint. This is a rare strain that provides a tropical berry flavor reminiscent of the cereal. We added a hint of natural lychee flavor to compliment the fruity tropical taste of the strain. The pairing of the fruity OG and the natural lychee creates a tropical flavor explosion.

Papa’s Select Live Ice Water Hash Gummies capture the plant’s true essence. In collaboration with our expert farm partners, we carefully select the perfect strains, ripe in potent trichomes and rich in flavorful terpenes. We freeze the flowers immediately after harvesting to preserve each strain’s cannabinoids and unique flavor. Then we use artisanal, completely chemical-free methods to collect our premium ice water hash in small batches and blend it with all-natural, high-quality ingredients at a low temperature. The results are delicious gummies that deliver an epic, true-to-the-living-flower experience.

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Strain Specific

Sungrown strains, rich in flavorful terpenes are selected in collaboration with our farmers partners.

Ice Water Hash

Fresh-frozen flowers are gently tumbled in an ice bath to collect ripe, potent trichomes.

Solventless Process

The ice water hash is blended with natural ingredients in a completely chemical free process.

Solventless edibles

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