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Solventless Hash & Rosin

Using Fresh Frozen Cannabis & Chemical-Free Processes

A clean process.

We pride ourselves on delivering pristine products that define quality for the legendary Emerald Triangle. Papa’s Select furthers the solventless tradition, crafting a new definition of quality hash, made entirely by hand.

No chemicals, no additive, just pure cannabis trichomes.

Fresh Frozen Cannabis

Harvesting terpenes at peak ripeness.

We believe that processing the plant correctly is key to the purity of the final product. While some companies rely on chemical or harsh extraction methods, our ice water process is proudly solventless.

Ice water hash and rosin requires just ice and water to gently remove and capture ripe trichomes from the fresh frozen cannabis.

Tested for Perfection

Our products are consistently triple-tested at key points for 66 pesticides, 5 microbials, and 10 residual solvents - AKA, stuff you don’t want in your cannabis. We test the cannabis straight from the farm, we test after it’s blended, and finally, we test the packaged product. Every product we make is certified by state and national standards with a third-party tested Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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