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Farming & Sourcing

Growing only the best from root to relief.

We source from the best of the best farms in the “Emerald Triangle” - Humboldt, Trinity, and Emerald Counties. Working closely with our farmers, we ensure every plant and every ingredient is clean, safe, and ready to make the most effective products for you.

Keeping It Clean

Our first priority is working with real people who care about the environment and their community.

Our Emerald Triangle farmers are hard-working people whose passion for growing clean and natural plants equals our own. They are the heart and soul of our community, and the reason we are so proud to call Humboldt County our home. We are honored to be able to bottle the extra love and care they put into their farms for you.

Humboldt Kine

Part of our Farm to Shelf series

The Farmers

The foundation of a better cannabis experience starts with clean cannabis plants. Our farmers focus on sustainable, regenerative farming practices that do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals - because, well, your wellness products shouldn’t be harmful to your health. Using native soils and organic principles, they are able to nurture the best sun-grown cannabis, so we can give you the best products.

Emerald Queen Farms

Part of our Farm to Shelf series

We Keep the Environment in Mind

Mother earth sustains us, grows for us, and gives us powerful plants that can change lives. It’s our duty to make the right choices when it comes to environmental safety and sustainability in our farming processes.

  • We are partnered with 50 farms throughout the Emerald Triangle who focus on plant quality, organic practices, strain biodiversity, and regenerative farming
  • We source fair trade certified ingredients, organic beeswax, and premium essential oils

Sunrise Mountain Farms

Part of our Farm to Shelf series